Benefity a.s.

Via Benefity a.s. it is possible to buy individual entries to classes as well as buy credits – in this case 1 credit = 1 CZK (you won’t get any extra bonus credits).
Benefity a.s.

Booking your first lesson

If you come for the first time, you need to make reservation like the other clients. The reservation system allows you to attend first two lessons without advance payment. When you come in person, bring with you your payment confirmation and ask the receptionist to set up your account accordingly.

Cancellation of your reservation

If you cancel your reservation out of the penalization zone, you will get your credits automatically back. If you cancel your reservation in the penalization zone, we will take an amount equal to half of the lesson’s value from your account. If you don’t come at all or you don’t cancel your booking before the lesson starts, your debt will be 100% of the class price and it needs to be paid.

Penalization zone

For each class there is a so called “penalization zone” – a time when you cannot cancel your reservation without losing your credits. For most of the classes, the penalization zone is 4 hours or less before the class starts. For morning classes starting up until 9am the penalization zone is 10 hours or less before the class starts. We ask you to book only the classes you intend to attend and cancel your reservation in time.

Important notice

Benefity a.s. is not valid for any special offers such as entry packages, courses, seminars or workshops etc.

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