Aero Yoga

The best cure for backpain and the source of eternal youth.
Aero Yoga

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About Aero Yoga

Discover the weightlessness that brings smile on your face. The practice is gentle on your joints and helps to relieve backpain.

Aero Yoga (also Flying Yoga or Antigravity Yoga) is one of the most recent styles. Special equipment, soft hammock with 300 kg of load bearing capacity is secured to the ceiling. You use it during the class to exercise with and hang in. If you love net swing you’ll be delighted. This practice is mainly for those with back and neck issues.

More about Aero Yoga

However we exercise, we do challenge our skeletal system. The founder of this method, dancer and gymnast Christopher Harrison, aimed to create an exercise system that will be available to everyone with amazing benefits of yoga but without the impact of weight on our skeletal system. The increase of blood supply of the head during inversions affects the skin, prevents wrinkles and greying of hair, improves memory and overall freshness.

Why to practice asana in the hammock?

Aero yoga is the unique system of body stretching and strengthening, great workout and relaxation. Maybe you thought of what is the benefit of Aero Yoga compared to yoga in general? There are several unique position where your body hangs and those relieve the whole system of your bones and joints (especially the spine in such a unique way that no other classical yoga posture can replicate). The net is also great improvement for some other asanas and can deepen their benefits as your muscles are more stimulated and because the unstable support makes your deep postural muscles work more intensely to balance. On the other the hanging and end lengthening from the net helps to stretch better and the relaxed rocking movements – e.g. with legs hanging on the hammock – does relieve the big joints from weight. Smooth and slow rocking does relieve the joints, nourishes the cartilage and provides the endorphin release and calmness. This way of yoga practice does help us to work on advanced poses for longer time without inversion of the neck and compression of the spine. “It’s challenging, fun and it works,” the lovers of this young sport claim. Come and try and you’ll see how unique this workout is. The founder says it harmonises the body from head to toe extremely quickly and even advanced practitioners can enrich their yoga practice in a unique new way. It helps to train the balance and coordination, improves fitness level and energises the body. You use the net in every position, think of the possibilities it offers and use that potential. Be creative and playful and let the workout to become joyful and intense experience with deep impact on your body and soul.

Inversions – the miracle of Aeroyoga

Inversions are supposed to be one of the most effective yoga asana. Everything is pulled down by gravity, you can see it’s impact with age as the skin becomes sagging shoulders and back become round. It does affect the internal organs too, mostly our heart which has to pump the blood against the gravity. Circulation worsen with age causing worse cell nourishment, fat plague build up in walls of veins, hearth diseases and varicose veins. The solution might be the inversions. Gravity will affects the body in the opposite way than usual, heart doesn’t have to pump the blood out of the legs and the veins in lower extremities are losing the blood quicker, inversions boost the circulation system, brain and whole head gets the rich supply of blood and that helps to fight the fatigue, improves focus and supports cerebration, smooths out the wrinkles. On top of that aeroyoga inversions also don’t put pressure on joint system, especially cervical spine.

  • beautiful, healthy and shining skin thanks to the blood supply of the face
  • brain function support
  • conditioning and stretching of the back muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • immediate positive effect of the therapy

Hanging upside down pulls naturally the spine creating space between vertebras and reducing the pressure on the discs and helps to improve the posture. Enjoy the effect of gravity on your body and pain relief. It stimulates the blood circulation and blood supply of the brain, mental vitality, cerebration, prevention of the mental issues and dysfunctions. The scalp also gets better blood supply so the hair growth does improve as well. Inversions with gentle rocking movement support digestion, cell regeneration and cleansing thus rejuvenating, longevity and weight loss. It’s very pleasant feeling.

Aero Yoga for beginners

Enjoy your first class in the hammock under the guidance of experienced instructor and learn the basics of this unique system in safe height and pleasant pace.

What you can expect

The beginners class is led in calm pace and always consists of simple positions with shorter holds and each client does the practice according to his needs and abilities. We start with the net just above the mat so you get used to it and develop the trust and only later in the class you get higher. Each class ends with relaxation.

Who should take this class

Beginners class is designed for those who are new to the system or they are not sure about their fitness level. If you’re hesitating if you will manage – our answer is: Yes, you will! Each student does the practice according to their own needs and holds the inverted positions only as long as it feels comfortable. In case of some health issues it’s needed to inform the instructor.

Intermediate Aero Yoga Class

Are you bored at the beginners class? You need more challenging asana practice of the intermediate class.

What you can expect

In the intermediate class you’re expected to have some experience and that you’re practicing basic positions with ease and comfortably with the net higher above the ground. The positions are more challenging with longer holds but each student does the practice according to their needs and abilities. Each class ends with relaxation.

Who should take this class

Intermediate class is for those who have some experience and want to improve it and get more challenging workout. In case of some health issues it’s needed to inform the instructor.

Aero Yoga Conditioning Class

Experience the challenging workout practicing this dynamic conditioning class where you strengthen all your the muscles, even those you didn’t know you have.

What you can expect

This class flows between the positions so we do expect you are not the beginner and you have sufficient fitness. The positions are challenging and the class is designed to strengthen all your muscles but each student does the practice according to their needs and abilities. Each class ends with relaxation.

Who should take this class

Those who are experienced practitioners and who want to shape their body and relax and strengthen the muscles around the spine. It’s important to inform the instructor in case of some health issues.

Healthy Back Aero Yoga Class

This special class blends classic yoga asana with special therapeutic approach to not only practice in the net but to relax and stretch the back.

What you can expect

You’ll experience the classic asanas, focus on breathing and conscious relaxation and appreciation of yoga principles. We emphasize correct practice to stretch the back and strengthen the weak spots. The net swing does allow us the unique relax and stretch of the back that we won’t find anywhere else.

Who should take this class

This class is suitable almost for everyone regardless of age and fitness. Each student does the practice according to his abilities. It’s important to inform the instructor in case of some health issues.

Explore Aero Yoga lessons

Studio Anděl


  • recent operation or trauma of any internal organ
  • cracked or broken bone
  • infection or inflammation of aural, nasal, oral cavities, throat, eyes and brain
  • recent head trauma
  • spinal traumav
  • hearth and circulatory system issues
  • vertebra adhesion
  • gastric ulcer
  • menstruation – we do not recommend the inverted positions
  • hernia

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