Yoga - other styles

…for calmness of the mind and health and longevity of the body ...

Yoga have developed over thousands of years and it’s fundamental thought is to live happily with inner peace. The aim of yoga is to discover the inner harmony and to get the answers to the important questions of your life.

Yoga is wide philosophy with many paths and directions suitable for various people but all of those guide us to the same goal, to learn to listen to your heart and to get to know yourself.

Yoga is the science about body, mind, awareness and soul. The knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of human body is being used in the system of the physical practice and cleansing techniques which help to keep the body healthy and in good shape. With the help of breathing techniques we learn how to work with subtle energy - prana. Health can’t be obtained nor maintained if we are stressed, nervous or anxious. When our mind is unbalanced and restless, our life remains unhappy and problematic. One of the aims of yoga is to achieve the peace of mind and the balance between body, prana and mind.

Who is yoga for?

Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, health condition and gender. You just choose according to your own condition, abilities and preference.

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