Dear clients, Studio Anděl operates in limited operation during the holidays. Practice takes place in the hall on the 1st floor, the temporary reception with a changing room is on the ground floor. More

The Operating Rules of Dům jógy Studios

I. Operator

The operator of Dům jógy is Jóga Anděl s.r.o. company, based at V lipkách 768/49, 15400 Praha 5. Contact information are phone number 608 636 877 and email Business identification number IČ 24212075 registered at Business Register in Prague under the reference number ZIV/U4784/2012Obu.

II. General Information

Name and residency of the studio: Dům jógy Anděl, Ostrovského 11/16, 15000 Praha 5 - Smíchov

  • Opening hours 7-22 and according to daily class schedule
  • heating is regulated for 18-22 °C
  • ventilation - windows and ventilation system
  • lighting - daylight and fluorescent lamps
  • floor - floating floor, tile floor, carpet
  • rooms - 2 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 WC, 3 practice rooms

III. Operating Conditions

  • the purpose of the studio is to practice yoga and other similar practices - therapeutic exercise, pilates etc.
  • studio is open according to the schedule that is public and has to be respected.
  • there is a reception at the entrance and every client has to notify the receptionist which class he is going to join
  • client can enter the practice room only barefoot or with socks and wearing appropriate clothes according to the practice. Clients are supposed to use exclusively changing rooms for changing and keeping clothes and other bigger items (bags, backpacks etc.)
  • it's prohibited to smoke or drink alcohol in the studio. Clients under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be prohibited from entering the studio. Nonalcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • clients are supposed not to disturb or discomfort other clients during the practice.
  • clients are responsible to help us to respect the operating rules, to protect their possessions and for the damage caused by breaking the operating rules.
  • the operator is not responsible for any loss of items in the studio unless those were locked in the locker.
  • clients are practicing in the studio under professional guidance.
  • clients are practicing at their own risk with regard to their current health situation. Should the practice guided by our professional teacher be above the physical limits of the client or should it be too challenging for the client, the client should immediately stop practicing or skip the exercise or current practice.

IV. Rules of Conduct

  • after the end of the class should the client carry out the orders of the teacher, mainly to store the equipment they used to the intended place.
  • to stay in the studio without the reason is not allowed.
  • client can't enter the no entry zones (technical rooms and employees rooms).
  • clients use the premises of the studio only for the intended purposes and they respect all the safety, hygiene and fire protection rules.
  • clients are required to respect the orders and rules of the studio operator.

V. First Aid and Hygiene

  • there is a first aid kit at the reception according to current regulations and services offered at the studio.
  • the operator is responsible to maintain regular cleaning and disinfection of the studio.
  • all the equipment used for practice is being regularly disinfected

VI. Final Provisions

  • V případě porušení provozního řádu bude návštěvníkovi zamezen vstup do zařízení bez nároku na vrácení kurzovného.
  • Tento provozní řád nabývá platnosti dnem 1. dubna 2012

Operator of the Jóga Anděl s.r.o.

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