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How to choose my lesson

Figure out what you expect from yoga – it may be e.g.:

  • to calm down and relax
  • to burn your energy
  • to solve some health issue
  • you are curious and want to try

Think of what kind of lesson you may enjoy – e.g.:

  • slow, calm, easy
  • slow, calm, but demanding
  • dynamic, focused on work out, but not too demanding
  • dynamic and challenging

Think if you prefer to practice yoga in higher temperature of 41 Celsius (HOTYOGA), in a swing (AEROYOGA) or in a classic room on a yoga mat (YOGA)

…also choose the class you feel is physically suitable for you – yoga is not a competition, but it’s rather about the good feeling from your time spent in the yoga class.

When you make this clear, you can choose.

In the reservation system, there is a filter button – to select only the lessons which correspond to your preferences :

  • difficulty – they are marked with stars from one to five – e.g. one star is for beginners, seniors and very easy lessons, four or five stars means difficult lessons for advanced yogins or people in good physical condition
  • teacher – you may select from list of our teachers and yoga centers, or you may select your favorite teacher directly from your class box (name written in blue) – you will be shown all of the teacher’s lessons from all of our yoga centers
  • class style – you can select your favorite class style by its name, each lesson also has different color for your better orientation – hot yoga classes in 41 Celsius and calsses in a heated room are in red color, aero yoga and acrobatic yoga are in blue, lessons designed for health are in pink, dynamic and difficult lessons are in yellow and gentle stretching classes in green


None of lessons is easy to classify and therefore classification is just approximate.

More questions

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