How to reserve your spot in the class?

…detailed procedure for online class reservation…

Please create your registration first.

Once registered, you can také these steps to reserve your spot in the class :

  • log into the reservation system
  • choose your lesson from the schedule
  • move your cursor on the selected lesson (you don’t need to click), than press “reserve” when reservation box appears
  • you will see a window asking for your payment method – choose one option
  • immediately you’re informed if the reservation has been successful or not (the notice appears in the upper part of the page)
  • The letter R appears in the box of your selected activity in the schedule as a confirmation of your successful reservation and you should receive a confirmation email
  • in special cases, you might register for the class directly at our reception
  • for your first two classes you are allowed without any pre-paid credits and you can pay for the class at the reception desk prior to the lesson. In case you don’t come to your registered class, there will be a negative credit on your account which must be paid.

You can pay before the lesson

When you come to our yoga center, you can pay for single lesson or you can buy a permanent card or credits.

You are not able to log in?

If you can’t log in online, you can email, call or text the reception of the yoga studio, where the class takes place. Please include your login name in the message – otherwise they can’t help you with reservation for the class.


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