Yoga focused on healthy back

…to keep your back healthy and pain free…
Yoga focused on healthy back

Vinyasa Yoga is the free fusion of the breath and movement. It is often called Vinyasa Flow as we smoothly move from position to position in the pace of our breath. Practice is more dynamic, physically demanding and asks for maximal concentration. To enjoy this class the best it is better to have some experience with yoga practice as it is dynamic and focused on the flow. Vinyasa is one of the recent yoga styles and it’s appreciated by those who want to move and sweat too.

How do we practice

Healthy back class is here to relax your painful back, stretch the tight muscles and strengthen those that need it to create better support to your spine. We alternate yoga exercises, asanas, physiotherapy practices, working with props and relaxation. We work on understanding and practicing the function of breathing and conscious relaxing. Wrong practice might worsen your condition so we created this class where we focus on precision in every detail as it is crucial to work the body correctly to let it heal and get rid of the pain.

Who is it for

This practice is suitable for everyone regardless of age and fitness level. It’s extremely important to emphasize that the student should practice according to his condition. You shouldn’t aim to overcome your limits and try to pursue something here. Listen to your body and be thoughtful. The classes are hald by more teachers, find out what pace and style of teaching suits you the best. Should you have any health issues please inform your teacher.

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Jsme hrdým členem ČKF

Jsme hrdým členem ČKF

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